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Message par Mangouste le Dim 7 Fév - 22:18

Verse was a hardcore band from Providence, Rhode Island. They released three full-length albums and an EP on Rivalry and Bridge 9 Records and conducted a number of full U.S. tours. For most of its six-year history, Verse was a straight edge band.

On February 8, 2009, the band issued a statement on their MySpace page announcing their breakup

Sean Murphy - chant
Eric Lepine - guitare
Zak Drummond - guitare
Chris Berg - basse
Shawn Costa - batterie

En fait je n'ai pas trouvé de vidéos top sur youtube...
J'ai écouté leurs titres sur myspace et en fait j'aime un peu mais sans plus, mais je trouvais qu'ils étaient intéressant, voilà content.


Verse started as a side project for What Feeds the Fire frontman Sean Murphy.[2] At its inception, Verse consisted of Murphy playing drums, Matt Amore on bass, and Eric lepine (also of What Feeds the Fire) and Mark Lennon playing guitars,[3] they still had not found a singer. Following the breakup of What Feeds the Fire, Mark from The Distance took over on drums and Murphy was free to take on the role of vocalist. Verse released their first recording, the Four Songs EP, in early 2003 on Contrast Records. Later that year, Mark Lennon left the band, his place being filled by Brian Wilcox of the band Rampage. Once Wilcox had joined the band, Mark left his drumming duties in the Distance, allowing Verse to tour and record music as a full-time band.
[edit] Rebuild

Upon solidifying their lineup, Verse signed to Rivalry Records for their first full length Rebuild, which was recorded in May of 2004.[4] After the release of Rebuild, Verse went onto a heavy touring schedule. During August of 2004, when the band was touring through South Carolina, they encountered some van troubles. While the van was getting fixed, approximately $10,000 worth of musical equipment was stolen from Verse’s trailer.[5] After finishing their tour of the United States and a tour of Europe with Another Breath, Verse went into the studio to record their follow up to Rebuild, From Anger and Rage.
[edit] From Anger and Rage

From Anger and Rage was recorded by Dean Baltulonis at Atomic Studios in Brooklyn New York.[6] Upon completing the second album, Verse continued on their rigorous touring schedule, going on multiple US and European tours with bands like Guns Up!, Crime in Stereo, Down to Nothing, Shipwreck, and Have Heart. After a solid year and a half of touring in support of From Anger and Rage, Verse signed with Bridge 9 Records to release their third full length, Aggression. This Album was also released in Germany through Prügelprinz Records[7]
[edit] Aggression

Aggression was recorded at Godcity Studios, and The Getaway Group Studios by engineer Jay Maas, and was released on June 10, 2008.[8] After the release of Aggression, Verse set back out on their heavy touring schedule, having already done one US tour with Have Heart, and two European tours with Have Heart, Shipwreck, and I Rise.
[edit] "Edge break" controversy

According to an article on, in late 2008, Verse bassist Chris Berg "broke edge"—meaning he decided to stop adhering to straight edge principles. The article quoted a posting from Berg on a Bridge 9 message board that read, in part, "about two weeks ago I decided that I no longer wanted to be straight edge so I made some changes in my life. This means that Verse is no longer a straight edge band and I'm not going to pretend like Verse was never a straight edge band because that would just be lame".[9]

In his message, Berg said Verse would continue as a band, but on February 9, 2009, reported the band's breakup.[10]

Chris Berg is currently playing bass for the band Mountain Man, which features former members of Last Lights.
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